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Improve designs
by sharing them with your team, discussing, exchanging ideas and files, uploading updated versions - step by step for a better result
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Good design is a team effort

Firefly is an easy design annotation and proofing tool for teams

Upload designs

Upload your designs or capture websites

Easily upload your graphics: website mockups, app designs, photography, UI ideas, logos, banners, etc. Or just capture an existing webpage!

Firefly helps you organize and manage your design projects with ease.

Add design remarks

Add design annotations

Easily add your comments directly on top of the design.

Add markers with notes and files and complement them with hand drawings.

Create team discussions

Create Team Discussions

Add collaborators and share designs with people even outside Firefly.

Exchange ideas, manage design tasks and send email notifications to collaborators.

Handle multiple versions

Manage multiple design versions

Upload new versions of your designs as you make changes.

Mark resolved issues, add new remarks and exchange ideas... Make better designs through constant improvement.

Give interactive presentations

Give interactive presentations

Want to show how your website or app will function? Simply create
links between screens to easily navigate between them and give interactive demonstrations!

Never stop improving your designs.
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Firefly features
Design project management

Easy design project management

Post your designs or capture existing websites and discuss them with your team.
Access from anywhere

Access from anywhere

Access it through your browser from anywhere in the world - works great for distributed teams!
SSL security and backups

SSL Security and nightly backups

We protect your communications with SSL encryption and back up your data.
Fast support

Fast support from our developers

No “your call is important to us”. You will get a fast reply directly from our developers!
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